QISS Parent and Teacher Association

The PTA is funded through donations from QISS families, school events/activities and potentially corporate sponsorship.

We raise funds to support these goals:

1.Provide funding for learning opportunities and resources that enhance and enable our students’ development.

2.Foster an active sense of community between all participants in QISS.

3.Promote awareness of our cultural diversity.


How can you support the QISS PTA?


  1. Quickest You may leave a monetary donation in the QISS front office in an envelope clearly marked for the QISS PTA. Even small donations are incredibly useful and will be appreciated. Please remember that PTA funds are used to improve school life for QISS students and staff, so all donations will be used for a worthwhile purpose.
  2. Involve Yourself Attend QISS PTA fundraisers and enjoy refreshments at school events to support our PTA. Offer to help organize and run events. Be an active member of the QISS school community.
  3. Most Spirited Purchase QISS Spirit Wear when they become available. Show your Shark Pride with T-Shirts and other QISS logo items.
  4. Involving the Community- use your place in the community to encourage your company or some of your favorite local businesses to sponsor the QISS PTA. All companies that sponsor our PTA will receive a certificate of appreciation and be noted on our QISS PTA website.


What will the PTA use donated funds for?


The funds raised throughout the year by the PTA are used for the following:


  • PTA Student Grant Program: Students and teachers are able to submit a PTA Grant Proposal, which will be taken to the PTA Executive Board for consideration. Successful grant proposals will be funded through the PTA Grant Fund. The PTA aims to end each year with 10,000RMB in the grant fund for use in the following academic year.
  • Planning and Funding of PTA Social Events such as the Welcome Social, PTA Gala & Silent Auction, Teacher Appreciation among other events.
  • Purchase refreshments needed to supply the refreshment stand at QISS events.
  • Jump Start the QISS Spirit Wear line: Each year a variety of event related, QISS branded clothing and apparel is designed by staff at QISS. Wherever possible, PTA funds can be used to make initial purchases of “Spirit Wear”, with the understanding that costs should be recouped and profits should be donated to the PTA.